Conn 88H Elkhart 1970 Vintage *Sold*

Brand: Conn
Model: 88H
Bore: large (bore .547")
Case: Original Included

*Sold*Conn 88H Vintage Elkhart Indiana from 1970.  Classic Conn 88H, all original parts lacquer.  No signs of major damage or repairs.  Has been freshly cleaned and serviced.  Handslide is near perfect.  Overall appearance is very good, some lacquer wear.  Valve section is excellent.  Good playing Elkharts that haven't passed through many hands, sold-resold, are quite rare.  This one was delivered by the original purchaser.  It's a great player and would make an excellent horn for any player looking for an 88H, Elkhart.  Has original case, in fair condition.  Case upgrade options are available.  Call for details.*Sold*