Rath R10 .500 Bore Yellow Brass with Nickel Slide *Sold*

Brand: Rath
Model: Rath R10
Bore: small (bore .500")
Case: Kaces or Protec Bag

*Sold*Rath R10 Jazz/Commerical .500 bore tenor.  Is used but in perfect conditon.  The hand slide is fantastic and comes with one removable leadpipe.  Has Rath 7.5" Bell #750Y.  Lightweight Nickel silver hand slide and yellow brass tuning slide.  Has been freshly cleaned and serviced.  Single owner used in pro level play for a brief time.  This small bore jazz horn is without flaw and is capable of taking the right player a long way.  Excellent quality craftsmanship and materials prevail making this one of the most sought after modern make boutique trombones available today. This make/model is not readily available in the U.S., used ones in mint condition are seldomly availble.  Choice of Kaces Structure Polyfoam Lightweight case or protec gig bag, structure series.*Sold*