Shires Screw Bell with Travel Case Ralph Sauer Model Upgrade

Price: $1,895.00
Brand: Shires
Model: Sauer-Bell-Case

S.E. Shires Bell Section, Ralph Sauer Artist Model, with Marco Magi compact travel case for two piece detachble bell with threaded collar. Valve section not included. Has 8.5"  Red Brass Flare.  Similar to a vintage 88H bell but has a soldered rim for more center and projection.  Has very colorful sound, holds together at loud dynamics much different than 88H style unsoldered red brass.   New stock, comes with the Marco Magi travel case for screw bell.  Simply luxurious and easy to manage, will fit in an overhead compartment with ease, is about the size of a violin or viola case. Bell section fits all Shires Valve sections and tuning slides.  Slide compartment on case will work with either standard or wide hand slide.  This is an amazing uprade package.  A bell like this will certainly stand out amongst others and give a contemporary unique sound. In Stock