Shires 7GYLW 8" TN25 Medium Bore

Price: $3,495.00
Brand: Shires
Model: 7GLWT78-Complete
Bore: Medium (bore .525")

S.E. Shires .525 Bore. Two-Tone Bell Gold Brass Stem, Yellow Brass Flare 7GYLWT7, thinned flare, with .525 Nickel Standard Width Handslide, removable neckpipe and nickel silver tuning slide. Ideal all around, commercial, medium bore Jazz.  Will take either large shank leadpipe or small shank leadpipe (Includes 2 leadpipes).  Has warmth and darkness of gold brass and soft dynamics, but tamed brilliance when pushed.  Very even throughout.  Ideal set-up for Jazz Artist.  Plays very easily. Super Flexiblility with strong presence of sound- not a soft in-mic type only. Fantastic slide.  Has outstanding foward projection with soldered #7 bell/ream/bead.  Nickel silver tuning slide gives additional brilliance and sizzle.  Will cut a big band or ryhthm section in acoustic setting.   Upper range gorgeous.  Call for delivery date.