What’s the best way to pack a trombone for shipment?

If you do it right you will minimize the chance of incurring damage to your instrument during the shipping process.  Follow these simple steps.

  • Secure the bell and slide sections in its case.  Pack the inside of the case with paper or bubble wrap to insure that nothing can move around.
  • Secure any movable objects like mouthpieces in their compartments so that they don’t become loose during shipping and bounce around in the case.
  • Latch the case and reinforce the latches with a little shipping tape.
  • Put the case in a cardboard box large enough so that you can pack the side walls of the box with shipping fillers sytrofoam peanuts , bubble, wrap, or paper, so that the case doesn’t move around in the box.
  • Use strong shipping tape to secure the outside of the box. 
  • Insure the instrument with your shipper for the full value.