Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we take trades. If you see an instrument that you are interested in buying there is an option to make trade offer.  All you have to do is give us a description of what you have to trade and which instrument you are interested in trading for. Please email pictures of your trade to

We will contact you with the trade-in value that you can apply towards your purchase.  We accept trade-in’ s on all types of trombones, student to professional. We do take trades on other brass insturments on a case by case basis.  Please call for trade assistance 314 616-1434.

Consignment is when you have an instrument that you want to sell but don’t want to hassle with selling it on your own.  We will do it for you.  All you have to do is contact by phone or by filling out the consignment form and send us your instrument as is.  We will determine the fair market value and do all of the selling for you.  Payment will be sent to you within a short period of time after the sale is final.

Selling on consignment can be a convenient option for you.  We have a vast network in the trombone community.  Word spreads fast when there is a trombone of interest for sale.  We have a large following and high visibility on the internet.  More people will see your instrument when consigned with us and you will have better chance of getting a fast offer at your asking price. All of the details with the financial transaction are taken care of for you.  You will not need to communicate with potential buyers.  Note, that we are unable to offer consigment sales on all instruments, but please contact us by phone or email to discuss the details.

There is no charge to consign an instrument until it is sold.  Consignment fee for sales less than $2500 is 20%, over $2500 in sales, multiple instruments, repeat sellers 15% of the sale price, deducted from your proceeds after the sale. 

If you change your mind, you may have your instrument returned at anytime. You pay only for shipping charges. Or, stop in for local pick-up, at no cost.

Return Policy:  No problem.  All you need to do is contact us within 7 days by Telephone.  Please Do not email to initiate a return. We will be happy to speak with you about processing a return or exhcange. Shipping charges are not refundnable, you are also responsible for return shipping charges. Please call 314 616-1434 for more details.

If you do it right you will minimize the chance of incurring damage to your instrument during the shipping process.  Follow these simple steps.

  • Secure the bell and slide sections in its case.  Pack the inside of the case with paper or bubble wrap to insure that nothing can move around.
  • Secure any movable objects like mouthpieces in their compartments so that they don’t become loose during shipping and bounce around in the case.
  • Latch the case and reinforce the latches with a little shipping tape.
  • Put the case in a cardboard box large enough so that you can pack the side walls of the box with shipping fillers sytrofoam peanuts , bubble, wrap, or paper, so that the case doesn’t move around in the box.
  • Use strong shipping tape to secure the outside of the box. 
  • Insure the instrument with your shipper for the full value.

It is your choice.  Our preferred shipper is FedEx.  However, UPS and USPS are fine as well.

Various payment options are availble for direct purchases on the website.  We do accept all major credit cards and bank cards.  To use a Credit Card to complete your transaction, please choose the Check Out option inside the shopping cart.

To pay with PayPal, please choose PayPal inside the shopping cart.

We can also send an electronic invoice by email.  Personal checks are also accepted.

Feel free to call with questions about payment options 314 616-1434.

Generally, it takes 3-5 business days. We ship Monday through Fridays, excluding holidays.  We will do our best to have your order shipped the day it’s placed with us, unless it’s late in the day.  Otherwise, it will ship the next business day unless you are contacted by phone or email. If you need it right away give us a call for special delivery or pick-up.

All domestic instrument purchases are shipped UPS or Federal Express, unless otherwise noted.

Absolutely! Of course it is by appointment only.  We accept appointments 7 days a week, including some holidays.  Please call for details.

Yes, we do have lay-away and payment plan options. If you see an instrument that you want to buy, please call or email.  Upon recieving a 10% deposit or downpayment, will unpublish the instrument that you are buying from the website.

Terms of layaway:  Each layaway plan will be explained in detail by email, following a telephone conversation. The length of time for a laway plan will be determined accordng to your needs, and specified in writing by email confirmation.  Laway plans may be cancelled, and funds will be returned to you, however, the initial 10% deposit is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation when the cancellation occurs 30 days after the initial deposit is made.  Please call for details.

Yes, If you are in the St. Louis area, give us a call to set up an appointment for a visit to demo a variety of instruments that are in stock.  If you are looking for a custom fitted S.E. Shires trombone we will spend time with you in selecting the optimal configuraton of parts to meet your playing needs.

Yes, you may have overnight shipping. It will cost extra. Just give us a call or an email and we will give you an adjusted shipping quote.

International customers are welcome at the Brass Exchange. Please Contact us by email or call to review shipping rates, customs and duty requirements.

Call 314 616-1434

Please Call 314-616-1434 If we don't answer, leave a message or send a text message.

Financing options are available through outside sources.  We will be happy to guide you to an accredited lender for partial or complete financing on both new and used instruments.  Please call or email for details.