Shires Mike Davis Plus

Price: $3,595.00
Brand: S.E. Shires
Model: MD+
Bore: small-medium (bore .508")
Year: 2017
Case: Included

S.E. Shires Mike Davis Plus model. Similar in size to a 3B, but plays much more easily.  Yellow Brass 7.75" MD Signature Horn, has .508 Nickel Silver Slide, custom Mike Davis hand brass- super light and easy, tight slide vibrato, removable leadpipe MD model, yellow end crook on hand slide (see comparison photo to traditional size end crook). Plays so easily that it's really hard to put down. Bach Players and King Players are moving over. Articulations are clear and concise. Intonation comes easily on all partials. It's really hard to find something negative about this horn. Would make excellent pro-level studio, commercial, lead, jazz horn for the serious player. Comes with case. 2 Year Factory Warranty Call or email for delivery time, estimated 6 weeks.