Shires 5VNY Complete with Case Upgrade New Stock

Price: $4,995.00
Brand: Shires
Case: Premium Marco Magi Upgrade Two Tone Tan/Brown

S.E. Shires Complete Tenor, all new components with 2-year factory warranty.  Has Yellow Brass TII5VNY Bell with X taper Tuning Slide.  Standard Rotary Valve Section.   If a Bach 42 guy was looking to upgrade his equipment and sound, this model is the ticket.  Plays very easily and quite dark, yet very even.  X tuning slide creates magic in complex overtones.  This is the type of horn you win an audition with.  Every thing on this set-up is factory new and in-stock.  Includes Upgraded Marco Magi Two-tone Brown Tan Case.  (Case Pictured is with axial flow valve.  This model includes standard rotary valve) One Leadpipe included. Lubricants for valve and slide also included.  Mouthpiece not included.   Partial trades available.  May subsitute some components based upon availablity.  If no case is needed, price adjusted down $500, please call if no case.