S.E. Shires Bass Trombone Q Model in stock*

Price: $3,695.00
Brand: Shires
Model: TBQ36YR
Bore: bass bore (bore .562")
Case: Premium Backpackable Shires Case, Mouthpiece, 3 Leadpipes, Trombone Maintenance Care Kit

S.E. Shires Q Series Bass Trombone.  Recent make with floral Makers Mark engraving. All components comaptible custom counterparts, bell-valve-handslide-tuning slide. Play tested here at our shop, will be perfect upon delivery.  Has 9.5" Yellow Brass Bell, Independent Rotary Valves, B62 Standard Weight Slide, 3 Removable Leadpipes, Mouthpiece, Premium Back Packable Case.  Trombone maintenance care kit, complete  manufacturer reccomended lubricants for valves, linkage, slide.  A seriously great playing Bass Trombone at an afforable price.  No other new Bass Trombone today at this price will play as eaisly or sound as good.  Has 2 Year factory warranty. In Stock for immediate delivery.