Bach Omega TB200

Price: $965.00
Brand: Bach
Model: TB200
Bore: Medium (bore .525")
Case: Case, Mouthpiece, Lubricants, Included

Bach Omega, Model TB200, Intermediate level.  Has standard rotary valve, traditional wrap.  Medium bore .525, takes standard shank mouthpiece, included. Medium Bore F-trigger horns are an excellent choice for all Middle & High School Concert Band (First & Second Parts) or Jazz Band, not to big to play Jazz Style, like 42B & 88H.  Single owner horn has been cleaned, and serviced, play tested.  No dents or dings, some lacquer wear.  Is ready out of the case with everything an advancing student will need to start playing, mouthpiece 6 1/2 AL, Yamaha Slide Lubricant.  Would be an excellent choice for a young player looking to get his first trigger horn.  Or, perhaps a second instrument to keep at school, so you don't have to take your good one everyday, is a lower cost alternative to the Stradivarius line by Bach, comparable model Bach 36B.  Comes with original Bach Case. Current model new today sells for $1749.  Save now, play great!