Bach 16M Early 90's Super Mint

Price: $1,775.00
Brand: Bach
Model: 16M
Bore: small-medium (bore .508")
Case: Original Hard Case

Bach 16M, Single Owner, Early 1990's.  Is in super mint condition and plays fantastic.  Slide is absolutely straight and fast.  No dents, dings, cosmetic flaws anywhere on the horn.  Has had a custom trumpet Amado water key, makes handslide even lighter. Pro Player Horn.  Same model as Bill Watrous, Silky Smooth Ballads, Legato, Warm & Rich Bach Overtones all over but will also light up when pushed.  New 16's today with Lacquer, yellow brass, LT nickel slide sell for $2700 and are hit or miss.  This one is for sure a great player and also super mint.