Bach 12LT Stradivarius Corporation Era 1975 Vintage

Price: $1,895.00
Brand: Bach
Model: 12LT
Bore: small (bore .500")
Case: Original

Vincent Bach Corporation Stradivarius Model 12LT.  Vintage 1975.  Yellow Brass Bell with LT .500 Bore 12 Handslide.  Original Lacquer, Parts, Case.  Has had a repair on the bell flare, wire rim damaged previous, patched.  this has not had any effect on playability or sound.  It still plays perfectly and sounds amazing.  We set-up up the slide as well, alignment & treatment.  Many west coast players today love this model.  Is great for big band, studio, jazz improv, commmerical work.  There aren't many of the "Corporation" era or earlier Model 12's readily available these days unless passed from player to player.  Despite the patch on the wire rim, this Bach 12 is a realy player and will take an advanced player a long way.  New Bach 12LT's today are $2800 and don't come close in playability. If the wire rim had not been damaged and patched, this trombone would sell for considerably more.  Save Now Play Great!