MO All State Trombone Audition Guide 2017 by Tyler Vahldick

Missouri All-State Band Audition Guide for Trombone for 2017-18 by Tyler Vahldick. Recorded at The Brass Exchange, St. Louis, MO. In this guide, Tyler Vahldick peforms each of the required Trombone Excerpts for the Missouri All-State Band & Orchestra Audition. Tyler is available for private lessons and coaching. Each Video excerpt can  be viewed on this website under the "Watch" tab. http://www.thebrass-exchange.com/videos  Tylers complete guide is available at the following website  https://www.trombonist.org/

Greenhoe Bass Trombone Valve Section Brass Exchange St. Louis, MO

Greenhoe Bass Trombone Valve Section.  Independent F/Gb/D.  Is in perfect conditon.  Previously owned and played occassionaly by a former Conn sales manager who retired in 2003.  Has been chem cleaned and serviced.  Pictured with a Conn 62H bell section, also available for and additional $500, mint condition.  Valve section alone includes mounting hardware for bell section.  Note that it was previously optimized for a Benge 290, and therefore the slide receiver and small tube on tuning slide of valve section will need modification to be compatible with other makes, i.e., Bach, Shires, Edwards, ect.  If Shires Conversion is desired, parts and conversion service is available. Please call for details.


Bach 50BG Mount Vernon NY Bass Trombone Sleeping Beauty Vintage Brass Exchange

 Bach 50BG Gold Brass Bass Trombone from Late 1950's, Mount Vernon, NY.  Has been idle and and kept stored for most of it's existence.  Never any damage or repairs.  Handslide and valve are all original parts and in excellent condition.  This horn plays fantastic and does not need any service or modifications to improve it.  The original Mt. Vernon French style case is also in excellent conditon.  Has some original paperwork and orginal cleaning rod. Super collectible, pro-player horn.  Sold 2-13-17 $4000

Bach 50 Mount Vernon NY Bass Trombone Vintage

Best Last Minute Gift Ideas for Trombone Players

Liberty Practice Mute comes in 2 sizes, for tenor $38.95 and bass trombone $46.95 Shop Accessories, Mutes.  


Carrying Bag for Trombone Mutes by Protec – It’s Black Nylon, large enough for just about every mute a player would need for a performance, has extra room for sheet music, stand light, sack lunch & drinks. $36.95 


Yamaha Slide Lubricant YAC1021P We always have the freshest batches on hand.  2016 Holiday Special 4-Pak includes four fresh bottles and 2-3 Day priority shipping total cost under $40 deliverd. Shop Accessories, slide lubricants.

LED Music Stand Light, by Manhasset, has re-chargeable battery built in.  Has long lasting life up to 8 hours of continuous use, or plug in to AC adapter, included. Priced at $39.95.  Shop Accessories Stand Lights


Long Tone Duet Practice Method by Mountain Peak Music.  Two versions available, Ralph Sauer and Mike Becker.  Comes with Book and CD. Priced at $19.95.  Shop Accessories, Practice Books

Why Own an Antique or Vintage Trombone – Antique Trombone Ownership

Why would you want to own an antique or vintage trombone? Well, for one thing an antique trombone has been played before and has a history that’s unique to that instrument alone. Antique trombones are valued based on their brand, condition and overall quality. If the instrument has a unique history, such as being used by a notable musician this can greatly increase the value of the antique trombone. High-quality brands and high-end models of antique or vintage trombones obviously have greater value than unknown or inferior trombone brands. 


Generally an antique student-quality trombone would be worth considerably less than an antique concert-quality instrument. Wear and tear on an antique or vintage trombone can substantially decrease its overall value. Antique trombones usually continue to have great sound quality. It’s like you’re playing history when you hold an antique or vintage trombone in your hands and mouth. It’s a beautiful thing. A trombone aficionado can truly appreciate an antique trombone like the ones we have at the Brass Exchange. 


Now, if you have a student-quality antique trombone, it’s not going to sound as good as a concert-quality trombone. The main trombones today are Soprano in B-flat, alto in E-flat, tenor in B-flat, bass in B-flat or F and contrabass in BB-flat. All sound different and have different qualities. You will have to decide what you need for your purposes. 


If you’re lucky enough to acquire an antique trombone, you can be sure that it’s a treasure. As a lover of music, you’ll love that antique trombone. Take good care of it. Keep it clean and out of harm’s way. Buy a case for it if you don’t have one and keep that case in a special place when you’re not using it. When you are using it, remember you’re holding a piece of history. Play it with purpose and love. You may be like many individuals that get great energy from playing their antique trombone. It will be like you’re playing your way through time and space with your music. It will flow so elegantly from your fingers and your mouth. 


It can be a heady thing to hold an antique trombone. As you glide with the slide, you’ll be doing what an other musician has done before with that very instrument. You’ll realize your place in musical history. Yes, you have a place in musical history with an antique trombone. You are a continuation of a musical tradition that has gone back to the middle ages. 


The predecessor to the trombone emerged not long after it occurred to Medieval Europeans that their signaling devices, which have become the modern trumpet, could be altered somewhat to make music. 

The first evidence of a trombone has been found in the Burgundy region of France and dates back to the 1400s. In the 15th century, the slide trumpet was altered into the s-shaped sackbut with a double-slide mechanism so it’s kind of the father of the modern trombone. Italians called these large instruments trompones. They were more delicate than the modern-day trombone. 


In the 1700s trombones became a part of orchestral music and saw a resurgence in their popularity. Religious music was still their primary usage. However, as time went on, great composers like Bach, Wagner and Beethoven used them in their works. Trombones have always been popular in the United States. They are a big part of the jazz movement and continue to be used in high school marching bands and popular music. 


Are you in the market for an antique trombone? Great! Visit us at http://www.thebrass-exchange.com/ for more information.

S.E. Shires Q Series Trombones, Trumpets In-Stock

S.E. Shires Q series trombones and trumpets have arrived at The Brass Exhcange, St. Louis, MO.  On our website now and are availble for immediate delivery, or come by to test one out.  Complete Trombones with case and mouthpiece are priced at $2695.  The Q series Bb trumpets with case and mouthpiece priced at $2395.  "We understand that not every musician may be ready for a Shires Custom instrument, or may find the cost of a custom instrument prohibitive. The development of the Q series allows for some of the best aspects of the Shires Custom instruments to be offered at a very affordable price. This is done by utilizing the S.E. Shires Massachusetts factory for the design, quality control inspection and the manufacturing of critical parts. The Eastman Music Company’s Beijing workshop's skilled craftsman are employed for the assembly, polishing, and other labor intensive aspects of building the instrument. I think this has let us achieve truly excellent trumpets and trombones at a price that represents an exceptional value worthy of the S.E. Shires name".

—Steve Shires 

S.E. Shires Q Series Bb Trumpet

How To Care For a Bach Trombone Slide Circa 1954 Mount Vernon NY

A beautiful condition Bach 36 from the 1950's arrived recently at The Brass Exhcange, in our St. Louis, MO Shop.  Inside the case was a ldetailed etter from the Bach factory on how to care for a Bach trombone slide when is factory new.  

1. Wash it with water first to remove any residue (but be careful not to hot becuase it will ruin the lacquer- been there, done that!)

2.  Use Cheese Cloth on a rod- but be careful not to get it stuck- been there too!

3. Since every player holds the slide differently (suppose they mean angle and grip) it will break in to his individual style of play.

4. Reccomended Slide Lubricant- Ponds Cold Cream or Lady Esther's All Purpose Cream

5. Tips on playing in a ballroom or pit orchestra...."when placing your trombone on a chair in the orchestra pit, be sure that the slide is locked, so if some curiosity seeker decides to inspect the instrument and lift it up, the slide will not fall to the floor and become damaged"....

This was great advice 60 years ago, and remains so today.  Below is the original letter:


Conn 6H Vintage 1958 Elkhart, IN, "Widow's Basement" Super Mint

Conn 6H vintage 1958.  Without question the best condition and playing 6H that we have found since the beginning of Brass Exchange. A personal favorite, and highly sought after by Jazz Players today.  Single owner horn, not played since early in it's life.  Was kept in the basement of by the wife of the deseased original owner for many years.  We have cleaned and flushed it with a chemical bath and simply replaced the water key pad and cork barrel felts.  The finish is 100% original.  Absolutely no touch-up or modifications have been done to this instrument.  It is doubtful that any 6H from this era exists today in such condition as this one.  Now for the best part:  Plays absolutely amazing.  First, slide is fantastic, no drag or tension, super fast and easy to play on.  The inner slide tubers are pristine.  Sound is rich and full, lot's of vibrance with this model.  This bell section plays in tune more easily than others that I have played on, espicially in the upper range above high Bb to high F.  This is the type of horn that a high level player will develop a personality with, unique sound and style. The case has all of the original paperwork, music lyre, and mouthpiece.  Even the keys to the case are included.  When we find artifacts inside vintage cases, it provides insight.  According to "The Widow", her husband was a band teacher for a number of years and played a little bit, but gave it up in the early 70's with a career change.

See Shop Tab, All Brass Instruments. Price $2195


Edwards Trombone Used New Arrival with iPAC Protec Case

Used Edwards Trombones Recently Arrived at Brass Exchange.  Pictured T350E Edwards, Red Brass Bell, Axial Flow Valve, Standard Large Bore tenor slide, Protec iPAC case, See Shop All Brass Section.

T350E, Axial Flow, 382CF Red Brass Bell, Standard TN Slide, iPAC Case, Complete Set-up $3295 Sold 9/7/15

Edwards Valve Section, Axial Flow, used $1295 Sold 9/8/15

Yellow Brass 8.5" Bell 369CF, used $895

Leadpipes:  Sets of T1,T2, T3 Early 90's for $210/set or $90 Each

iPAC Trombone Case Newest Arrival Protec Available Now

iPac Tenor Trombone Case By Protec 

Heading Back to Shool means getting your trombone gear ready.  This semester, head on back to your studio with a new case.  Two sizes available, tenor and bass. See Shop Accessories Section.