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The Brass Exchange is your trusted resource where you can buy, sell & trade used trombones and other brass instruments.  We also stock accessories like trombone slide lubricants, mutes, metronomes, digital tuners, mouthpieces, cases, and brass instrument supplies. We do our best to ship your orders quickly and at the lowest cost.  Be sure to check our Just Arrived catalog section for newly added used brass instruments and music accessories.
We ship used trombones worldwide, please contact us by phone or email for international shipping quotes, or any other questions you may have.
Thanks for visiting our website.  We hope that your experience here is positive.
S. E. Shires Custom Tenor with Axial Flow Valve NEW IN-STOCK
Conn 88H Slide New
Conn 100H .500 Bore Jazz
H.N. White King Gold Plated- Collector
Conn 88HO Single Owner Excellent Condition
Getzen Bass Trombone 1062FDR
Bach 16 Stradivarius Corporation Era
Bach 6 Model IV Super Rare New York 1943
Holton TR181 Rose Brass like new .525
King Baritone Eastlake Ohio Era

We are proud to announce to arrival of S.E. Shires Trombones. We accept trade-in's at The Brass Exchange call to arrange delivery today!


This 2 piece yllow brass bell is thinned toward the edge to mimic the weight distribution of a 1 piece bell. Helps to create stability and projection with tonal flexibility and blend characteristics. You can pump it up to high volume levels and everything stays together. The 7YLW has become the most popular bell by a large margin as has the TW47 slide. As with all of the Shires Trombones, all of the slides, valve sections, and bells are modular- that is interchangeable- for down the road. We have play tested this instrument- it is seriously good- will make a great player sound amazing. Include S.E. Shires factory warranty.  Case not included.  Price $4695